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Norway Snow Reports for Ski, Snowboard Areas

Norway snow reports shown are updated several times daily. For complete snow info including recent public snow reports, click on the name of the ski area.

Don't see your favorite ski and snowboard area listed? Tell us, and we'll add it immediately!

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Norway Alpine / Snowboard Reports
Area Status New Base Surface
Beitostolen snow report Beitostolen trail map available Beitostolen
Bjorli snow report Bjorli trail map available Bjorli
Dombas snow report   Dombas
Gala Ski Arena snow report Gala Ski Arena trail map available Gala Ski Arena
Gautefall snow report Gautefall trail map available Gautefall
Geilo Ski Heiser snow report Geilo Ski Heiser trail map available Geilo Ski Heiser
Golsfjellet snow report   Golsfjellet
Hafjell snow report Hafjell trail map available Hafjell
Hemsedal Ski Resort snow report Hemsedal Ski Resort trail map available Hemsedal Ski Resort
Hovden  snow report Hovden  trail map available Hovden
Hurdal snow report   Hurdal
Kongsberg snow report Kongsberg trail map available Kongsberg
Kvitfjell Alpine Center snow report Kvitfjell Alpine Center trail map available Kvitfjell Alpine Center
Lifjell snow report Lifjell trail map available Lifjell
Nesbyen snow report Nesbyen trail map available Nesbyen
Norefjell snow report Norefjell trail map available Norefjell
Oppdal snow report Oppdal trail map available Oppdal
Rauland/Vinje snow report Rauland/Vinje trail map available Rauland/Vinje
Sirdal snow report Sirdal trail map available Sirdal
Skeikampen Resort snow report Skeikampen Resort trail map available Skeikampen Resort
Sunnmorsalpane snow report Sunnmorsalpane trail map available Sunnmorsalpane
Trysilfjellet snow report Trysilfjellet trail map available Trysilfjellet
Valdres Alpinsenter snow report Valdres Alpinsenter trail map available Valdres Alpinsenter
Norway Nordic Ski Reports
Area Status New Base Surface
Nordseter snow report   Nordseter
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