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Quebec Snow Reports for Ski, Snowboard Areas

Quebec snow reports shown are updated several times daily. For complete snow info including recent public snow reports, click on the name of the ski area.

Don't see your favorite ski and snowboard area listed? Tell us, and we'll add it immediately!

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Quebec Alpine / Snowboard Reports
Area Status New Base Surface
Mont Kanasuta snow report Mont Kanasuta trail map available Mont Kanasuta
Massif Du Sud snow report   Massif Du Sud
Mont Garceau snow report Mont Garceau trail map available Mont Garceau
Pin Rouge snow report Pin Rouge trail map available Pin Rouge
Parc du Mont-Comi snow report Parc du Mont-Comi trail map available Parc du Mont-Comi
Le Relais snow report Le Relais trail map available Le Relais
Mont Castor snow report   Mont Castor
Vallee Du Parc snow report Vallee Du Parc trail map available Vallee Du Parc
Le Valinouet snow report Le Valinouet trail map available Le Valinouet
Gallix snow report   Gallix
Mont Adstock snow report Mont Adstock trail map available Mont Adstock
Mont Alta snow report Mont Alta trail map available Mont Alta
Mont Cascades snow report Mont Cascades trail map available Mont Cascades
Mont Edouard snow report Mont Edouard trail map available Mont Edouard
Mont Grand-Fonds snow report Mont Grand-Fonds trail map available Mont Grand-Fonds
Mont Lac Vert snow report Mont Lac Vert trail map available Mont Lac Vert
Vallee Bleue Ski Centre snow report   Vallee Bleue Ski Centre
Val Saint-Come snow report Val Saint-Come trail map available Val Saint-Come
Ski Montcalm snow report Ski Montcalm trail map available Ski Montcalm
Mont Saint-Bruno snow report Mont Saint-Bruno trail map available Mont Saint-Bruno
Val Neigette snow report Val Neigette trail map available Val Neigette
Belle Neige snow report   Belle Neige
Ski Chantecler snow report   Ski Chantecler
Mont Original snow report   Mont Original
Mont Avalanche snow report   Mont Avalanche
Saint Pacome snow report   Saint Pacome
Mont Saint Matthieu snow report   Mont Saint Matthieu
La Reserve snow report   La Reserve Summer 0" N/A
Mont Belu snow report   Mont Belu Summer 0" N/A
Mont Ste-Marie snow report   Mont Ste-Marie Summer 0" N/A
Mont Rigaud snow report Mont Rigaud trail map available Mont Rigaud Summer 0" N/A
Mont Gleason snow report Mont Gleason trail map available Mont Gleason Summer 0" N/A
Ski Vorlage snow report Ski Vorlage trail map available Ski Vorlage Summer 0" N/A
Mont Saint-Sauveur snow report Mont Saint-Sauveur trail map available Mont Saint-Sauveur Summer 0" N/A
Val D'Irene snow report Val D'Irene trail map available Val D'Irene Summer 0" N/A
Camp Fortune snow report Camp Fortune trail map available Camp Fortune Summer 0" N/A
Mont Gabriel snow report Mont Gabriel trail map available Mont Gabriel Summer 0" N/A
Mont SUTTON snow report Mont SUTTON trail map available Mont SUTTON Summer 0" N/A
Owl's Head snow report Owl's Head trail map available Owl's Head Summer 0" N/A
Mont Avila snow report Mont Avila trail map available Mont Avila Summer 0" N/A
Mont Olympia snow report Mont Olympia trail map available Mont Olympia Summer 0" N/A
Ski Mont Gabriel snow report Ski Mont Gabriel trail map available Ski Mont Gabriel Summer 0" N/A
Ski Morin Heights snow report Ski Morin Heights trail map available Ski Morin Heights Summer 0" N/A
Edelweiss snow report Edelweiss trail map available Edelweiss Summer 0" N/A
  Hours: Fri: 9a-9p, Sat: 9a-9p; Sun: 9a-5p
Le Massif snow report Le Massif trail map available Le Massif Summer 0" N/A
  Hours: Fri: 9a-3:45p, Sat/Sun: 8:30a-3:15p
Mont-Sainte-Anne snow report Mont-Sainte-Anne trail map available Mont-Sainte-Anne Summer 0" N/A
Mont Blanc snow report Mont Blanc trail map available Mont Blanc Summer 0" N/A
Stoneham Mountain Resort snow report Stoneham Mountain Resort trail map available Stoneham Mountain Resort Summer 0" N/A
Mont Tremblant snow report Mont Tremblant trail map available Mont Tremblant Summer 0" N/A
Mont Orford snow report Mont Orford trail map available Mont Orford Summer 0" N/A
Ski Bromont snow report Ski Bromont trail map available Ski Bromont Summer 0" N/A
Mont Habitant snow report Mont Habitant trail map available Mont Habitant Summer 0" N/A
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